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Custom Dog Brace - Casting Kit


Casting Kits are used to create forms for Custom Dog Braces and Custom Prosthetics. 

Each Kit Includes:

  • stockinette
  • a buffer strip
  • casting tape
  • scissors
  • gloves
  • hook blade knife


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Our pet can finally walk again!!

Derrick Campana and his team are incredible! Our dog was born a dwarf and was bow legged. Our doctor at our first checkup told us that they would have early onset arthritis. Low and behold, 11 years later, they could hardly walk as their paws turned 90 degrees; they developed what is known as “Angular limb deformatiy”. We were referred to Animal Ortho Care by an Orthpedic Pet specialist and we couldn’t be more happy. Our pet is now walking again on their front paws! They will have to wear their custom front braces for the rest of their lives otherwise their paws turn and they walk on the side of them. With the braces, they are again walking on their paw as they used to in the past. It took a few days for them the warmup to the braces but by the 3rd day, they were walking in them like they have had them for years. I highly recommend Derrick and his
team. The braces they created for our pet are literally live changing. Thank you again Derrick!

Had to change

All my dealings with Derrick were great and I appreciate everything done, but, unfortunately I am going to have to go with surgery which really bums me out.
Thanks again.

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