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Dog Knee Brace | CCL-ACL Stifle | Dog Rear Leg Brace

Ready to Fit Dog Knee Braces - Order Process


Measure your dog's leg using the measurement guide below.


Enter your measurements and purchase your Ready to Fit - Dog Leg Brace. 


We ship your dog brace based on your measurements. You fit it to your dog's leg, and they are on the way to recovery!

How to Measure Your Dog's Leg


Thigh Circumference

Measure the circumference of the thigh midway between groin and knee joint.


Thigh Length

Measure on the inside of the leg from the groin, to the knee joint - the center where the knee pivots.


Tibia Circumference

Measure around tibia, midway between knee center and hock.


Tibia Length

Measure the outside of the leg, from the knee center - the knee joint line - to above the hock, before the curvature begins.  


Ready to Fit - CCL Dog Rear Leg Braces provide a customizable solution for  stabilization following injuries and surgery to the Knee (Stifle), and specifically, the Cranial Cruciate Ligament.


    • CCL Ligament Tear or Rupture (Most Common use)
    • CCL or Collateral Ligament sprains
    • Post-Surgical and/or post injury recovery
    • Wound management
    • Stifle (Knee) Arthritis
    • Ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue injuries and fractures


    • As a sophisticated dog brace or cast, offers access points after CCL surgery
    • Provides functional, active support during rehabilitation after injury or surgery
    • Provides functional support alternative to costly CCL Surgery
    • Decreases healing time and decreases cost
    • Return to improved activity level and near normal joint function
    • Allows easier wound inspection
    • Relieves stresses on contra-lateral limb


  • Proprietary thermoplastic material is heated at low temperatures
  • When heated in the Caerus Slim Line Heater, the brace conforms to the shape of your dog's leg.
    • Cushioning medical grade foam eases pressure on affected areas
    • Boa® hook and loop closure system tightens and loosens for comfort
    • Made in the USA
    • Removable
    • Six Month Warranty


    • Waterproof
    • Range of Motion Hinges
      • Allow full range of motion, limited range of motion, or a locked position
Use & Care

Use and Care

Wipe down surfaces with isopropyl alcohol.


  • Outer Shell: low temperature thermoformable plastic
  • Inner Liner: closed-cell polyethylene foam

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Best Company Ever

I have experienced every aspect of purchase and return with Animal Ortho Care and can truthfully say I have never felt with a company that has been as helpful, informative, and responsive.
I purchased a brace which was a first class product and everything I expected a brace to be. Unfortunately my dog had Degenerate Myelopathy and a brace would not help his condition. I returned the brace receivied a refund and the compete transaction was hassle free the brace was sent over night and a return label was included for return.
Without hesitation if your animal needs a brace Animal Ortho Care are the people to deal with they are first rate.

Great Customer Service

Best customer service ever, hands down. They worked and worked to fit out dog. Brace arrived very quickly and we are hopeful that our dog will be back running and playing soon.


Ended up not fitting but customer service was great and helped us decide that a custom brace would be needed for our mini Pit


The brace didn’t work for us his ACL was completely torn so surgery is needed. I mailed the brace back to the company.

Not very secure

My Great Pyr was able to 'walk' out of the brace. I tried 6 times to put it on him. Maybe I am inept, maybe the brace isn't that sturdy... Won't stay on for more than an hour or two.

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