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P.A.W. Relief System - Wearable PEMF | Hip Dysplasia & Back Pain Therapy



Measure the circumference of the chest from behind the shoulders.

Compare this measurement with the list below.

If your measurement overlaps sizes, choose the larger size.

SMALL 17" - 22"
MEDIUM 21" - 29"
LARGE 26" - 42"
  • Our PEMF Active Relief System (P.A.W.) provides pain relief from symptoms associated with hip dysplasia, injury, and chronic conditions. Our technology, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF), is FDA approved as a noninvasive solution for pain management. The P.A.W. Relief System allows activity to continue while receiving valuable healing therapy, whether the scenario is acute, post-operative or chronic. 

  • Each System Includes:

    • ONE Garment
      • Multiple use, light-weight garment designed to allow precise delivery of PEMF therapy to the hip, spine or shoulder treatment sites. This garment does not provide support like a brace would, it is only a
    • TWO PAW Units 
      • Self-contained, modular component, housing the electronics for the PEMF treatment, attachable to any chosen place on the PAW garment
    • Battery Charger
      • Mini-USB compatible AC charger used to recharge the P.A.W. Unit

    Common Conditions:

    • Relief from pain associated with Hip Dysplasia
    • Dog hip pain, back pain, shoulder pain and joint pain
    • Pain treatment for dogs after surgery
    • Pain relief when surgery is not an option
    • Pain treatment in dogs with Osteoarthrits (OA), or Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). 
    • Aches and pains resulting from overexertion, strains, and sprains
  • Benefits:

    • Reduces pain while your dog can remain active during therapy
    • PEMF has been clinically proven to:
      • Increase anti-inflammatory response
      • Increase circulation
      • Reduce swelling
      • Relieve pain, including pain following surgery
    • PEMF technology, as evidenced by the research, is effective in providing temporary relief from the symptoms that accompany dysplasia, occurring in the hip, spine or shoulder regions
    • Older pets Quality of Life (QOL) is much improved
    • PEMF technology has no irritating sensation like a TENS unit
    • Potential significant savings due to reduced need for costly medications
    • Whether in the home or therapy setting, the functional, wearable brace allows the patient freedom to be active earlier, contributing to better recovery or retaining quality life activities


  • The P.A.W. Relief System comes with two P.A.W. units which can target two locations at the same time.
  • Easy application, convenient, wearable therapy for maximum patient compliance, promoting continuation or earlier resumption of typical activity levels.
  • The P.A.W. Relief System provides a comfortable fit, whether the application is hip, shoulder or back regions.
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to Apply and Remove


  • Pulsed magnetic field in a wire coil induces pulsed electric field which induces current flow in conducting, or targeted cells/tissues. These interfaces – the area of the body where field is directed – are targets.
  • Clinically proven in the human space, PEMF stimulation and thermal therapy works at the cellular level, accelerating the reaction rate of Calcium (Ca2+) and Calmodium (CaM) binding. This process increases Nitric Oxide (NO) production in the target tissue. Nitric Oxide is an important cellular signaling molecule involved in many physiological and pathological processes which in this case targets, among other things COX-2, the enzyme responsible for inflammation and pain.
  • Blood and Lymph Flow are increased, leading to reduced pain and inflammation resulting in reduced need for medication, contributing to improved function and Quality of Life (QOL).
Use & Care

Use and Care:

  • Use an isopropyl-DAMP cloth to wipe the Garment and P.A.W. Patches
  • Allow the Garment and P.A.W. Patches to dry thoroughly before reuse.
  • If signs of wear and tear appear on the Garment or P.A.W. Patches, discontinue use and contact your Licensed Veterinarian or Rehabilitation Professional


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A miracle for animals.

We went to our vet to see if he could help our dog " Miskeen " who was in a lot of pain and could hardly walk. He told us that we had two choices, one stay as she is and keep using her pills or have her put down. My wife said there has to be something else , he said not as far as I know. My wife saw an ad on tv about " Animal ortho care" I got in contact with them ( who were very helpful and loved what they do). To cut the story short our dog is doing wonders, it's a miracle, she stands up to eat her food now and also walks so much better. We are so happy that we did not take our vets advice, other wise she would not be with us today.

PEMF works good accept ..

I bought the PEMF paw system with 2 circular units. The 1st paw unit seems to be giving me 5-6 hrs of treatment before I have to recharge but the 2nd paw is much less. Out of the box the 2nd paw unit only allowed for 1.5 hrs of treatment then I had to charge it. When I used it again it only gave me about 3.5 hrs of treatment so I am not sure if I have a defected battery in 2nd paw. I have not contacted seller yet because I was going to test it again after I recharge it to see how many hrs I get out of it again. I think it is giving him some relief but it may be too soon to tell. It is easy to fit the velcro pieces together and the paws stick well to them. It is great for back and hip issues but I do wish they offered a wrap for his bad knee. I will be searching google for that!

Ollie PEMF

Great service

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